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About Us

I want to start with the fact that we always had dogs. First in my grandparents' home, then my parents'. I even met my husband because of a dog who I was taking to a dog training school. My husband was a sham there. In our common life, we had a black labrador female called CELESTA pod Jabłonią, who was 13 years with us. She gave her doggy love not only to us but also to our children.
Few years ago, she started to get us known that her life was ending. We were thinking off, how we'd be dealing with her loss. A coincidence helped us. Being on vacation in Rabka, we met a french bulldog. We fell in love with this amazing breed. After long time of searching everything about it we decided to buy such one. We found a kennel, which had puppies then. Mrs. Edyta Dymek, owner of De Ficca kennel trusted us and gave us GREETA.
After two years JASMINA from the same kennel, came to us. Our lab revived mothering little Greeta, who I think enlonged her life for one year. She will be always in our hearts. SHE WAS SPECIAL.